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In this part of our “Back to the Print” series, I review three “value-added” products that Hahnemuhle 4 brought 4 the market. Why “valued-added products”?

Because they are more than just 4. As you know, Hahnemuhle is one of the venerable European paper makers and their inkjet.

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Because they are more than just paper.
As you know, Hahnemuhle is one of the venerable European paper makers and their inkjet range deserves the high international reputation it has earned.
With these products based on paper, Hahnemuhle is showing us that quite apart from paper itself, printing is rather about what you can do with paper — adding value to the paper by using it as the creative basis for different presentations of photographs — presentations that can serve a variety of purposes very handily.
The three products reviewed here are the panorama paper in sheets rather than rolls, the book-album and the tin box of photo cards.
In working with these materials I found myself getting to like the results very readily.
These products really do provide for appealing alternative ways of presenting photographs, so we thought we should share them with 4 />OK, onto the details.
I introduced this product in my Eight Papers review in the context of it being a Photo Rag paper.
The paper dimensions are 8.
I shall have a look at both options.
The key to увидеть больше printing with this paper, other than the usual color management considerations, is to get the dimensions correct and consistent for both the photo and the paper itself in the printer driver and your printing application.
Hahn explains how to do this well enough on an insert in the package; however, there are no comparable instructions for Lightroom, where the set-up is just different enough to cause a bit of heart-burn unless approached in a properly sequenced manner.
So I shall explain how to use this pano paper in Lightroom.
The very first step is to select the correct aspect ratio in the Crop tool and compose the photo according to how much of the pano sheet you wish 4 fill with it.
You do this by creating a custom crop taking into account the size of the sheet and the margins you want around the photo — the photo must fit correctly into those dimensions.
Let us say you want a one-half inch margin on all four sides.
Set this aspect ratio in the Custom box for Aspect Ratio Figure 1.
The resulting crop will look like what you see in Figure 2, for the example I am using.
Now that you have placed the crop area over the composition you wish to retain, switch to the Print Module.
This is for defining the page size.
In North American versions of LR and the Epson driver it seems available only in inches, so set the width to 8.
Notice I have set all the non-printable areas to zero.
No need for it in this case.
You can save this as a preset Figure 4.
Figure 1 Set the Aspect Ratio Figure 2.
Crop of Photo for Pano fit Figure 3.
Manage Page Size Figure 4.
Page Size Preset Migrate to the right side of the Print interface and in Layout, set the margins to zero, and set the cell size to the photo size calculated above, this time Width 565.
Doing this will allow you to see the native resolution of the photo before any resampling for the printer Figure 5 red arrow, and Figure 6.
Layout Figure 6 Native Resolution and photo dimensions You will notice that the photo has 4 5mm shorter width than called for.
Anyhow, moving on, the native resolution is 255PPI.
If you wish to print at that resolution, it should work reasonably well.
Otherwise, you may check the Print Resolution box and change the resolution to the output resolution value you want.
This will not interfere with linear dimensions.
It will resample the photo on the fly to the printer.
Figure 7 shows the pano ready to print, and it will emerge from the printer as it looks under soft-proof, with the layout shown exactly as below.
Figure 7 Pano Ready to Print So that is one implementation of the Hahn Pano paper in Lightroom.
Another implementation is to create a multiple photo pano.
To do this, switch from the Single Image Layout Style to the Custom Package Style, making sure in Page Set-up to select your Hahn Pano paper size preset.
Now drag, say, three photos from the thumbnail ribbon below into the Layout, and re-dimension and position them according to the layout you prefer.
The one I made for this demonstration is in Figure 8.
Figure 8 Hahn Pano Triptych Serious tip: It really is hard to see the difference between the printable and non-printable side of this paper and Hahnemuhle does nobody a favor by failing to indicate in the packaging which side is up.
If you print on the wrong side, you will get a dull, mucky-looking mess.
How do I know?
Would that happen to me?
Examine the paper at a severe angle under a very bright light so it casts maximum shadows from the paper texture and see which one looks craggier — that is the printable side.
In sum, there are creative uses for this paper format to produce interesting small-scale panos without the need for roll paper.
Give it a try.
This paper also comes in Photo Rag Baryta.
This product provides a very attractive way to print, store and display photos all-in-one.
I shall provide detailed guidance for one printer and dimensioning set-up, from which the same logic can be applied to others.
But first, the product itself.
The album covers are made with nicely patterned black leather and a red stitching optional Figure 9.
Figure 9 Album Cover It comes complete with black front and back inside cover pages, two gray plastic interleaf sheets, a leather strip for the перейти на страницу and a set each of shorter and longer screw posts for holding it all together Figure 10.
Figure 10 Album Components The package comes with an instruction sheet explaining how to assemble the album.
There is, however, an error in the first step on the sheet.
Their instruction sheet also omits what to with the black inside cover sheets and the interleaf sheets.
After you implement Step 3, you need to insert one black sheet, then the interleaf sheet.
Perhaps they consider this part of Step 4 the book block.
Just before that, a comment on the album covers — I think there is one fold too many around the screw posts making the spine fatter and clumsier than it needs to be.
I know they did this to make sure the screw-posts are completely hidden, but it comes at a cost of some clumsiness in the assembly and closure of the album.
You can mitigate this somewhat by sitting a heavy book on the album spine once you are certain that all the folds are correctly implemented.
They also provide spare screw-posts; however, for expanding the album it would have made more sense to provide screw-post extensions rather than duplicate sets of the posts that come with the album.
The idea is to place one interleaf sheet between each photo sheet to protect the photos from rubbing against each other — recall: the paper will be printed on both sides.
Of course the exchange rates of the 1950s have gone the way of the DoDo bird.
Make sure your photos are all properly soft-proofed for printing on PhotoRag — a matte paper.
Decide on all the page layouts in advance, because apart from the first and last photos, all the others will be facing each other, so you may wish to apply some artistic judgment about pairing the photos.
Decide on the page layout for the prints.
In 4 demo, I want a minimum one inch border between the largest print dimension and the edge of the sheet.
I also know that the sheets are 13 inches wide by 12 inches tall — as you look at them in the book, and the album covers require a one-inch strip, reducing the 13-inch dimension to a usable 12-inch dimension.
We are assuming a conventional North American book design whereby the spine is on the left and the cover opens from right to left.
When you open the cover, the first page facing you is on the 4, so its margin for the binding is on the left.
When you turn the page, the other side of the page is on the left and the margin for the binding is on the right of that side of the sheet.
In the Lightroom Print Module create two page set-ups following these counter-intuitive instructions — but trust me — перейти на страницу prints will emerge correctly on the paper if you do this exactly.
Click on Page Set-Up in the LR print module and select Landscape orientation Figure 11.
Landscape Orientation Click on the drop-down for Paper Size and click on Manage Custom Sizes bottom of the list.
Figure 12 Left-side binding set-up.
Once you have done this, you will end up with the right-side page layout looking like Figure 13, provided you implement the other Layout settings as shown.
Page Grid is 1 cell.
Cell size the area that the photo fits into is maximum Height 12 inches, Width 10 inches which on a 13-inch paper width allows for the 1-inch unprintable area for the binding and 1 inch border on each side of the photo, as shown.
Click on Page Set-Up in the LR print module and select Landscape orientation Figure 11.
Click on the drop-down for Paper Size and click on Manage Custom Sizes bottom of the list.
Figure 14 Right-side binding set-up The only change from the Left-side set-up is that the 1 inch non-printable area is set to Bottom instead of Top.
Name the Preset Hahn Book Right Side, click OK and return to Lightroom.
Page Grid is 1 cell.
Cell size the area that the photo fits into is maximum Height 12 inches, Width 10 inches which on a 13-inch paper width allows for the 1-inch unprintable area for the binding and 1 inch border on each side of the photo, as shown.
Photos with portrait orientation get the same treatment as explained above, except that the borders on the left and right will end-up being wider and the borders on top and bottom one inch each.
The settings related to Figures 13 and 15 depend on the page side one is working with, and not on whether основываясь на этих данных photo is of Landscape or Portrait orientation.
We now come to actually printing the pages.
The next instruction is absolutely critical for all of the above to work correctly: 6.
Insert the paper into the printer with the side having the punched holes on the bottom — i.
After printing this side, hold the paper in Portrait orientation and flip it vertically so that the unprinted side is facing you up and insert the bottom edge into the printer the punched holes will now be on top of the page.
Figure 16 shows a dual page layout test not using the Hahnemuhle paperindicating that the 4 and positioning of the photos come out correctly in relation to the requirements of the album using the set-up instructions provided above.
Figure 16 Album Mock-up All told, the Hahnemuhle Album makes a nice presentation, and could be, for example, very suitable for gift-giving on various family or official occasions.
Or it could be a good way to print and conserve your own photographic output.
However, there also exists Photo Rag Duo 276 gsm, also two-sided.
As well, Photo Rag Satin 310 Оперативная память 8 ГБ 2 шт.

Kingmax Nano Gaming DDR3 1866 DIMM 16Gb Kit (2*8Gb) and Photo Rag Pearl 320 gsmboth single-sided, may be ordered.
There are two options: with or without the red stitching about USD 134 or 120 respectively.
Again, it comes with no instruction about which is the printable side of the paper; but logically, and on close inspection, the top side is the printable side.
So be careful to keep them packed that way until used — it will save you wasted paper.
The Hahnemuhle Tin Box As well, there are no instructions either with 4 product package or in the P800 Manual about how читать больше load such small fine art paper sheets into the printer — sheet feeder, or Front Fine Art feed?
Trial and error — the Front Fine Art feed will not feed paper this small.
So I used the top sheet feeder, created a preset in Page Set-Up for this paper size same idea as presented above; Figure 18 and in the Lightroom Layout panel set the margins to 0.
Figure 18 Tin Box paper Page Setup Now, because this is a matte paper it requires matte black ink.
In the Epson 4, because the sheet feeder is being used, all the Fine Art Media Types are grayed-out.
But the Media Type setting for the profile of this paper is Velvet Fine Art, now not usable.
The only matte ink paper type available from the paper menu in the printer driver is Ultra Premium Presentation Matte.
Therefore, it is necessary to select this profile in the Lightroom Print Job panel, and in the Пружина для переплета Lamirel мм, 100 шт Module repurpose the Develop edits under soft-proofing for this same paper.
However, this does not resolve the basic mismatch between the paper types — the actual media being Hahn PhotoRag, with the print set-up being for Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte.
The only way around this is to make a custom profile by printing the profiling target on Hahn PhotoRag, but using the Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte Media Type instead of Velvet Fine Art.
For purposes of these demos I did not bother to re-profile the paper, but just tried using the Epson matte profile on the Hahn PhotoRag paper, soft-proofed accordingly, and I must say the results are very respectable — quite faithful to the soft-proof Figure 19.
We have become so accustomed to very large inkjet prints these days that it was kind of a refreshing trip down memory lane to produce these 4×6 prints, which have the atmosphere of the drug-store photos from yesteryear, but of much higher quality.
Small can be beautiful and I really like this product.
Printed Cards — Tin Box Availability and Price: For the 4 x 6 inch cards, four paper 4 are available: Photo Rag 308, Fine Art Pearl, Photo Rag Baryta and Museum Etching Textured.
The Baryta is a PK paper, which would allow a less restrictive profiling solution.
In Canada, Vistek lists the 4 x 6 inch Photo Rag paper at CAD 26.
There also exists an 8.
In Canada, Vistek lists the A5 set tin box and paper with Photo Rag Baryta for CAD 59.
Clearly, retail inventory is spotty in both Canada and the USA; however, in Canada at least, all of these materials are available at the Canadian wholesale level, but need to be special ordered through a retail outlet.
They can memorialize a business relationship, an introduction to a gallery curator, or just serve in your personal collection as alternative ways to store and share your photographs.
I would urge Hahnemuhle to provide more fulsome sets of instructions for using these media successfully with several of the more common printers and applications.
по этому адресу, the instruction provided here should get you off to a good start.
Mark Segal August 2016 Mark Segal Mark has been making photographs for the past six decades and started adopting a digital workflow in 1999 first with scanning film, then going fully digital in 2004.
He has worked with a considerable range of s Mark Segal Mark has been making photographs for the past six decades and started adopting a digital workflow in 1999 first with scanning film, then going fully digital in 2004.
He has worked with a considerable range of s Related Articles August 24, 2016 By August 24, 2016 By August 24, 2016 By August 24, 2016 By August 24, 2016 By August 24, 2016 By.

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