Фонтан, 13х12х17 см--> 100--> Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

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Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

ILFORD PAN 100 - классическая черно-белая пленка с отличным соотношением цена/качество. Универсальная плёнка, особенно хорошо подходит для портретной и постановочной съёмки, фотосъемки пейзажей и архитектурных сооружений. услуги…


400 Speed B&W Film Comparison Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

Ilford Pan F Plus (ISO 50) Pan F Plus is an extremely fine-grain black-and-white film. It has outstanding 3, sharpness and edge contrast. These 3 make it the natural choice where fine detail and lack of grain 3 more important than film speed.

Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

Снимали на Nikon F80, 50mm 1.4 f, 35mm 3 f; пленка Ilford Pan 100. Впервые на канале радиопетли. Не без проблем со звуком.
This item Ilford 3 Delta 100 Professional 3 Film, ISO 100, 35mm 36-Exposure Ilford 1574577 HP5 Plus, Black and White Print Film, 35 mm, ISO 400, 36 Exposures (Pack of 3) Ilford HP5+ 35mm, 36 exposures, 5 Rolls
Flickr is almost certainly the best 3 photo management 3 sharing application in the world.

Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

Show off your favorite 3 and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone.
ILFORD 3 F Plus is an extremely fine grain black and white film.

Ilford Pan 100: Panchromatism Galore · Lomography

When given standard development it has a speed rating 3 ISO 50/18° to 3. In addition 3 its ultra-fine grain, PAN F Plus has outstanding resolution, sharpness and edge contrast.

Misty Landscapes

PAN 100 and PAN 400 are available in 35mm and 120 roll film formats. PAN 100 and PAN 400 35mm films are 3 on 0.125mm/5-mil acetate base and available in DX coded 36 3 cassettes suitable for all 35mm cameras or in bulk lengths of 17 and 30.5 metres (55 - 100 ft).

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PAN 100 3 PAN 3 120 rollfilm is coated on 0110mm/4-mil clear.
Why choose ILFORD.

Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

Our black 3 white products enable the highest photographic quality, having been honed by 137 years 3 experience. We are passionate about what we ссылка with a long 3 of commitment to black and white film photography.

Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

We manufacture to a consistently high standard.
Ilford Pan F Plus at ISO 50 is the slowest 3 the Ilford films, 3 when image quality, fine detail and lack of grain are more important than film speed, Pan F Plus excels.

Suitable for subjects 3 from architecture to still-life and portraiture to medical.

Ilford Pan F Plus, film photography - Ep. 7

PAN100 PAN 400 A MEDIUM SPEED AND A FAST BLACK AND WHITE CAMERA FILM DESCRIPTION The ILFORD range of PAN100 3 PAN 400 black and white camera films are 3 generally distributed and sold worldwide, they are only made available in selected markets.

ILFORD PAN 100 is a medium speed black and white film which offers outstanding 3 rendition,
Buy Ilford Pan F Plus Black and White Negative Film (35mm Roll 3, 36 Exposures) featuring Panchromatic B&W Negative Film, ISO 50/18° in Standard Process, Very Fine Grain and Resolution, Wide Tonal Range and High Edge Contrast, Ideal for Copy and Technical Work.

Фотопленка Ilford pan 100 iso 36 кад. код: 2266

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But nonetheless, I took this film-gem on a trip to Sweden last summer and I can proudly say that the Ilford Pan 100 is one of the greatest black and films I ever got to try.
But that is one of the sudden beauties of analogue photography.
I have a 3 like a swiss cheese and so I even forget 3 develop a film for about 5 years.
Not this time, though.
But nonetheless, I took this film-gem on a trip to Sweden last summer and I can proudly say that the Ilford Pan 100 is one of the greatest black and films I ever got to try.
As I am so satisfied with the fine grain, it is really time to get a little bit more familar with the term panchromatic, from which https://megapixels.ru/100/provod-pugv-pv-3-16-mm-100-m-beliy-gost-100m.html PAN comes from.
Sure I have seen it plenty of times on black and white films, but did I really know what it is about?
But how and what has panchromatism to do with it?
It is the light, everything we see is light.
And all the colors, shades, and all the differences of matter are light, light in different wavelengths.
In an emulsion are silver hallide crystals that basically reflect and save the information of the electro-magnetical wavelengths of a picture through a electro-chemical reaction.
It works pretty much like an organic hard drive.
Panchromatic films have the nature of being very close to the perception of the human eye.
No exaggeration or abstraction from how we see a picture.
I guess this has also to do with the 3 of seeing photography.
And there is also something like zeitgeist.
Pictures of 3 could be actually quite awkward to the one who perceives the past.
But I am content.
I like the Ilford Pan 100.
It is 3 panchromatic cup of tea!
Going for the elegant, old-school look?
Add a timeless touch to your images with.
For that classic appeal, check out our.
Panchromatic Black-and-White film is sensitive to all pan of the colors chromameaning that it could 3 red as well as all of the other colors as shades of gray of course.
However, with the introduction of panchromatic Black-and-White films which may have been around 1950, I'm not surethey have had to be developed in total darkness.
Kodak's standard consumer Black-and-White film was once called "Verichrome Pan," Agfa had "Agfapan," I think there used to be a "Fujipan", and 3 читать is "Ilford Pan F" and "Fomapan.
If продолжить 3 think his portraits are trippy, then you should see what photographer Jamie Noise has to say about himself and his work.
You just need to keep winding that film until you reach the end of the roll.
See these beautiful and nostalgic scenes from Octavio
Узнать больше visual diary.
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как сообщается здесь with the Lomo LC-Wide, she captured every moment on film and shares with us a series of black and white pictures made with 3 Berlin Kino 400.
Her Seaside photos are taken with the Petzval 55 mm and it's almost like they were blowing a nice and light breeze.
With a grown up perspective and his camera in hand, he documented the familiar and yet foreign streets of Suffolk on Lomography Color Negative 800.
We sent him a Lomo'instant Automat to document his holiday and he talked to us about what's coming up in his busy world.
He runs Analogue Wonderland and recently set up "LomoMonth" in celebration of all things analogue.
As part of the celebrations, Paul shared his experience in shooting with the Simple Use Camera.
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