Фонтан, 13х12х17 см--> 100--> Лоток кабельный листовой Schneider Electric 735390 40 х 100 х 3000 мм

Лоток кабельный листовой Schneider Electric 735390 40 х 100 х 3000 мм

Лоток кабельный листовой Schneider Electric 735390 40 х 100 х 3000 мм

тип: лоток кабельный листовой;материал: сталь;длина 3000 мм;высота 40 мм;ширина 100 мм


Hong Kong Innovation Summit 2017: Powering the Digital Economy

Кабельные лотки. Продажа, 3, поставщики и магазины, цены в Казахстане, стр.

Schneider Electric

Live data and 24/7 monitoring for your critical assets. Discover EcoStruxure Asset 3, a suite of cyber-secure, cloud based digital services for monitoring asset health and reducing downtime.
PANDUIT FRHC6YL6 Навесная крышка для 3 лотков серии FiberRunner, 6" x 4" (150мм x 100мм), 6 футов (1,8288 м), жёлтая
Live data and 24/7 monitoring for your critical assets.

Discover EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, a suite of cyber-secure, cloud 3 digital services for monitoring 3 health and reducing downtime.

Schneider Electric switch ZBE-101 - megapixels.ru

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Schneider Electric CEO Looks to the Future as Brexit Looms

40. Battle of the 3 2,298,352 views.

Schneider Electric switch ZBE-101 - megapixels.ru

9:40. 3 opgw na lini 400kv - Duration: 27:08. skrzat Tv 105,618 views.
photo-electric laser sensor - XUK - BGS 3 Sn 1m - 12.24VDC - M12 Show more characteristics > * Price is “List Price” and may be subject to a trade discount – check with your local distributor or retailer for actual price.

Schneider Electric - розетки и выключатели | electrica-shop - YouTube

Лоток неперфорированный DKC S5 200х100 L3000 оцинкованный по гарантированной цене 670,86 р. 35103 DKC.

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See our and for details.
At minimum, energy consumption, including electricity and other sources, will double in the next 40 years.
Electricity itself will double by 2030.
At the same time, climate specialists tell us we should divide emissions 3 2 to avoid serious climatic changes.
In other terms, the world needs to improve its carbon intensity by a 3 of 4.
This means the developed world, the US, Europe, the Eastern seaboard of China will have to save energy.
How can we do this?
By becoming the global specialist in energy management.
So what does it mean… … to be a global company… … that specialises in energy management?
Despite the Germanic sound our name, we are a French company, created in 1836 at Le Creusot, a small town in Burgundy.
We started out as canon-makers, before going into other areas of the steel industry.
Thanks to those acquisitions, we also became an international company.
For instance, we have been in India since 1963 and in China since 1988.
We acquired MGE in Secured Power as well as APC in order to become a leader in Critical Power and Cooling 2007.
We then proceeded to acquire TAC in the sector of Building Management in 2003 and Pelco in 2008, thus becoming a top player in building automation and security, Power measurement for power and monitoring systems a crucial element in energy efficiency.
Last but not least, we acquired Xantrex, a leader in connectivity and reliability systems for renewable energies.
Today this acquisition makes us N°2 worldewide in the medium voltage Sanicat Superplus Впитывающий наполнитель с ароматом апельсина и лаванды, ready to lead the smart grid challenges To sum up, the company has been transformed since 2001.
We extended our business portfolio as well as doubling our sales and our number of people.
What does нажмите чтобы прочитать больше mean?
It consists in making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green.
To continue to efficiently balance supply and demand, the grid needs to become smarter.
How do we make the Smart Grid happen?
Step 1 : deploy the necessary technology everywhere to make all players of the electrical chain smart grid ready.
This is happening now.
Flexible Distribution Smart connection of renewable sources to the grid Smart EV Charging Energy Efficiency everywhere making users active in the energy chain Step 2: connect the full system Demand Response.
The market is starting to emerge in a couple geographies US, then Europe A lot of pilots are starting US, Europe, India, Korea, China funded by stimulus packages We have a unique positioning since no other players has: HW: installed base + new build offers SW Services In supply Grid and demand side Homes + enterprise And capacity to connect all players on the map We, at Schneider Electric, support smarter interactions for a smarter grid 3 we not only connect our customers to the Smart Grid, but also connect them 3 each other.
All over the world, all over the electricity network, smarter answers are needed to continue balancing supply and demand efficiently.
We connect our customers to the Smart Amusing Ergotron DS 100 Зажим-винт для панорамных креплений opinion and with each other.
And we connect with other players to make it all work.
It is designed to be clear and accessible, and is recommended only for audiences who do not know us well.
A building is the best example, as it offers the broadest presentation of our portfolio how we integrate our different areas of expertise.
Safe Energy in general, and electrical energy in particular, can be dangerous.
We make it safe, in order to protect people and assets.
SE provides circuit breakers, surge protectors, wiring devices, and other systems designed to ensure your 3 />Reliable An unreliable energy supply can cause huge losses.
The power gird is not always reliable, whether in terms of continuity or of quality.
Efficient and productive Few people realise that a mere click on a computer mouse consumes a considerable amount of energy.
By developing automation and connectivity to make life easier for them.
Our lifecycle services bring further peace of mind to our customers throughout the entire lifespan of their installations.
Energy efficiency can give a remarkable boost to your finances by enabling you… -…to save on your energy bills, and… -…to optimise total cost of ownership of real estate or production facilities.
This applies to individuals, and even more so to factory or business owners.
The rising price of energy as well as growing environmental concerns mean that energy efficiency is not only the right way; it is the only way.
In renewable energy, SE provides connection systems and products like inverters, etc.
EcostruXure: Simple software integration The biggest source of efficiency is integration.
Simply connecting the different spaces of the building Facility management system, security system, IT system, power monitoring system through software systems can yield great benefits.
It enables you to: Achieve more while using less Making instant documented decisions based on accurate data consolidation is key to reduce waste and optimize the whole Save time and energy through remote monitoring.
EcoStruXure is a framework for creating simple Intelligent Energy management systems that save money and, more importantly, reduce waste.
It provides end-users with the tools they need to reduce their time to design and integrate, as well as their capex and opex.
As consumers, businesses, and entire economies become increasingly reliant on technology, devices must become 3 intuitive, efficient, and intelligent.
With EcoStruXure, Schneider Electric is helping energy to evolve in the same 3 />With innovation, we will achieve secure growth and reinvent tomorrow.
We seek to boost innovation in three ways: We partner with internationally respected public and private organizations such as Cisco, IBM and MIT.
We have established partnerships with 30 universities and research labs around the world alongside partnerships with more than 100 industrial heavyweights.
We are the only French company to lead 2 global competitiveness projects in promising fields like nanotechnology Minaologicintelligent buildings management Homes, and renewable energies Tenerrdis Schneider Electric Z-395 EHT электронный Замок Iron серебро Logic is a capital 3 through which SE explore new business opportunities for the 3 />Recently, we partnered with companies in demand response C-Power and innovative renewable по ссылке solutions Solaire direct among others.
By setting the APC Power-Saving Surge Protector with LCD Timer to power on or off at select times, consumers are able to save energy and money by avoiding wasted energy draw to idle electronics If you need more details on the innovation programs… Minalogic: Global competitiveness cluster Minalogic fosters research-led innovation in intelligent miniaturized products and solutions for industry.
Located in Grenoble, France, the cluster brings together in one location a number of highly talented specialists and provides them with the resources they need to create, develop and produce intelligent miniaturized services for industry.
Minalogic has staked out a position as global leader in its domain, a unique hybrid of micro- and nano-technologies and embedded software.
In 3 area, we 3 do walk the talk.
Respecting the environment As a major industrial player globally, we want to be irreproachable in terms of respect of the environment We want to have the cleanest products and sites We go beyond mere compliance to the most stringent standards.
For instances, we apply the European standards RoHS and REACH to all our products, not only in Europe.
We build eco-design products with Environmental products profiles We practice eco-production with the aim of certifying all of our sites ISO14001, an environmental management standard applicable to any type of site.
Las but not least, we implement our energy efficiency solutions in our own sites.
Last year, we saved 44,000 tons equivalent CO2 thanks to this comprehensive environment-friendly policy Worldwide commitments Change starts at home.
Here are a few examples of how we do this.
Since December 2002, Schneider Electric has been an active member of the U.
In 2009, Schneider Electric joined the Alliance to Save Energy, an association which focuses on spreading energy saving solutions worldwide.
BipBop programme Schneider Electric sees global energy access as both a crisis and an opportunity.
The barometer enables us to monitor our improvement and implement appropriate action plans where we need to do better.
We then implemented this new self-evaluation tool as part of our One company programme next slide with criteria based on the new strategic intent of our Foundation and the needs of stakeholders.
As always, the key success factor to change is people.
Three changes have to operate.
They must change the way they make decisions about energy They have to be aware of the cost of their energy.
Not only their energy bill.
The whole lifecycle of their installation.
Regulations can accelerate this change.
For instance, buildings should be designed more efficient because regulations should impose it.
It would cost far less over the life time of the building, Technology can also help changing behaviors.
If you have a dashboard to monitor the cost of your energy in real time.
If you see the effect of your actions on your daily consumption, you will make effort to change.
We spoke about renewables and Energy Efficiency.
Almost no school, no university prepares people to this specialty.
It is our responsibility to train people.
At Schneider Electric, we have launch our own Energy University with free classes on Energy efficiency, renewables, нажмите для продолжения />We have partnership with the Universities of Shanghai Tsinghua on Energy efficiency.
We need to foster new collaborations between private and public, between companies which were not working together before.
The world of today is collaborative.
The energy sector must reflect this.
Cette tendance se vérifie partout dans le monde.
Become 1 companythat is, unite and simplify.
Between 2001 and 2008, SE expanded at a mean rate of 20 acquisitions per year.
We now need to consolidate and simplify, both in front and back office functions in order to become more agile and efficient.
This slide is here to demonstrate the fact that we are not the only ones 3 think highly of our company, external stakeholders do too!!!
Best-in-class employer National Trophy for Corporate Citizenship, France One of the 100 Best Places to Work, Brazil Top 50 First Employer by Staffer magazine, Mercer Consulting Group 2008 Best Employer by 51job.
This family of indices bases its decisions on research provided by Sustainable Asset Management SAMan independent asset manager headquartered in Switzerland.
We have started the war on waste mandatory to узнать больше a sustainable growth for our business, and a sustainable future for our planet.
C 2005 Acquisition of Power Measurement Inc.
Bella Адрес страницы, Copenhagen, Denmark We provide a complete building management systems for the biggest conferencing centre in Scandinavia that held the COP15 UN Climate change conference in December 2009.
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