Фонтан, 13х12х17 см--> 100--> Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

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Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

однополосная концертная АС;встроенный усилитель;мощность 2200 Вт;диапазон частот 35-150 Гц;материал корпуса фанера


Turbosound Milan MI5 vs QSC K12

When you buy a TURBOSOUND loudspeaker, you can жмите assured the high-excursion 15" LF driver inside has been engineered perform flawlessly conjunction with every other element for truly professional results.

Turbosound Milan M15B VS Electro-voice ZXA1-Sub ( 2 )

The MILAN M15B outputs massive quantities of tight and articulate bass – and works seamlessly with all MILAN Series loudspeakers.
2200 15" Powered Subwoofer with KLARK TEKNIK Technology for PA and Installation Applications For more information, please visit: http://bit.ly/.

Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

RCf 410 speaker X2 Turbosound Milan m15b : 15" 2200W Powered Subwoofer / Electro-voice ZXA1-Sub 12" powered Subwoofer 700 Watts.
Questions about the Turbosound Milan M15B 2200W 15" Powered Subwoofer?

Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on latest products and technologies.

Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

The Milan two‑way boxes also use of the 'converging elliptical waveguide', which is a proprietary Turbosound technology originally developed for their NuQ series.

The Low Down. The M15B M18B subs are of traditional birch-plywood construction, and feature increased peak power of 2200W on tap.

TURBOSOUND MILAN M15B Powered Subwoofer Overview

The Milan M15B 2,200W Powered Bandpass Subwoofer from Turbosound is a Class D powered subwoofer capable of up to 2,200 watts of output power for increased loudness and bass response any Milan system.

It features an 15-inch speaker with 4-inch voice coil and integrated Klark Teknik DSP.

Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

Turbosound M15B Milan 15 in Subwoofer, 2200 Watt 15inch Powered Subwoofer with KLARK TEKNIK Technology for Portable PA and Installation Applications. Buy at Guaranteed Lowest Prices, Free Shipping and two year Extended Warranty from 123DJ.com
Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

This 2200 Watt 15" Powered Subwoofer with KLARK TEKNIK Technology for Portable PA and Installation Applications. The 2,200-Watt MILAN M15B is a powered portable https://megapixels.ru/100/radiosistemi-beyerdynamic-tg-100-h-set-213-223-mgts-diapazon-3-706280.html pass subwoofer that designed for maximum bass extension for both portable and permanent install applications.

Turbosound M18B 18" Milan Series Powered Subwoofer Can you compare them to similar priced subs?

Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

134db spl is awfully high for 2200watts peak which to me to 1100 watts program, the power.
Amazing and awesome are two words that came up a number of times in reviews, from users who were surprised by the overall sound and build quality of the Turbosound Milan M12.

Interestingly, most of the positive reviews it got came from DJs who recommend it for techno, hiphouse and dance music.

Сабвуфер Turbosound Milan M15B

By Mike Crofts Turbosound have upgraded their established Milan range, with the help of some technology borrowed from sister company Klark Teknik.
The model names reflect the diameter, in inches, of the LF driver in each case.
The cabinet shapes haven't changed dramatically, and the Milans retain their crisp clean look with CBF 323 BG NF stylish combination https://megapixels.ru/100/chernila-kraska-ocp-dlya-epson-1410-rx500-rx640-tx710w-ep-306-ep-807ar-ep-805aw-100-gr-6-sht.html curves and straight lines — sort of 'curvy with edges' you might say — and it's good to keep physical and cosmetic compatibility with the previous versions.
It's an effective look and I do like the subtle overall finish, which would look part in a rock pub or a fashion show and most things in between.
Although the new models retain the shape and names, the speakers are very different beasts now, with new digital signal processing, power-amp stages and drivers.
The new Milan range has been produced very much with a competitive price in mind, and one factor in achieving this — whilst retaining the Milan's position in terms of audio performance — is to say goodbye to the previously used and increasingly costly drivers, and move to tried-and-tested ferrite magnet technology instead.
This means, of course, that the new will weigh a bit more than the old ones; for example the Milan M15 is now 27kg about 5kg heavier than beforebut for me the performance-to-weight ratio is still very good and compares well with similarly powered products on the market.
The Milan M10, M12 and M15 share the same control panel layout, which is nicely laid out and uncomplicated.
The treble and bass controls provide up to 6dB of boost or cut based on the shelving corner frequencies of 12kHz and 90Hz, respectively.
Internal signal processing and amplification now makes use of shared technology with Turbosound's stablemates Klark Teknik, in the form of the latter's amp modules now with higher peak power capability of 600W on the M10 and 1100W on the M12 and M15 and DSP.
The move from passive is a major step forward from the older versions and will allow better energy transfer to the drivers and more precise control over the crossover areas.
The M15B and M18B subs are of traditional birch-plywood construction, and feature increased peak power of 2200W on tap.
Each has two inputs, which are summed to the internal amplifier ie.
It works smoothly and I found it effective when compensating for different sub placements in different spaces, for example when the subs have to be placed on a raised stage.
They say you should never make too many assumptions, but I had already decided that I was going to like the 'middle ground' of the M12 paired with the M15B sub, as this format combo is what usually works best for me at smaller live venues.
I expected the По этому адресу to sound pretty good, and they certainly did: the smooth, round sound I'd liked about the previous models was still there, with good clarity at both low and high listening levels.
I was, however, surprised at the difference when I switched to the M15 mounted over the M18B sub.
I took the источник out into my landlord's paddock, which is an excellent place for playing with speakers as there's literally nothing apart from open countryside for them to fire at.
Projection and clarity was very good, and a good balanced output was maintained throughout and slightly beyond the horizontal coverage angle The M15B, with castors fitted.
The subwoofers' control panels are simpler than the tops', providing access to the two inputs and thru outs, as well as a polarity invert switch and a sweepable bass-boost option.
A pair of M10s on their own would do very nicely for smaller outdoor events.
The Milans easy to set up and are also easy to carry and transport.
I like the foam backing behind the grille, which offers additional moisture protection and looks good too.
The carrying handles are stylish rather than comfortable, but they're and have plenty of space behind them for your hand the smaller M10 doesn't have side handles.
The plywood M15B and M18B subs have handle openings machined into the rear ссылка на подробности, which means they can be easily carried face down between two people; I managed to pick up and carry the M15B on my own but I'd need a hand with the larger model.
I liked the old Milans, and I like the new ones even посмотреть больше />They sound and look good, and they are easy to set up, with a sensible feature set.
The loss of the neodymium drivers has, I think, been more than outweighed by performance increases and a street price which offers a lot of performance for the money, and puts them firmly on the portable live-sound shopping list.
Also worth checking out are the JBL PRX series, Yamaha's DXR and DSRthe QSC K series, DB Technologies' Flexsys speakers, the HK Premium Pro models and Mackie's HD range.
The 'Milan' name of these comes from Turbosound's past period under Italian https://megapixels.ru/100/kontroller-ibm.html, and was designed to underscore the 'European' visual style and sound when the line was first introduced.
Not what your typical portable PA rig would often be used for, but this material is extremely challenging and can easily sound horrendous on inferior systems.
It's music that cries out to be turned up loud full orchestra with eight trumpet parts and double chorus marked up to ffff — you get the ideaso I did just that.
The result frighteningly powerful, with a surprisingly clean mid-range coming through, which compared pretty well with my largest set of studio monitors — easily listenable and enormously exciting.
You really have to try https://megapixels.ru/100/planshet-explay-cosmic.html />Summary A worthy upgrade to an already good system, with the M15 and M18B combination providing particularly impressive performance.
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