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Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM

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Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM


3FE25773CA Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM

This Alcatel-Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM compatible SFP transceiver provides 100Base-FX throughput up to 2km over 5 fiber (MMF) at a 5 of 1310nm using a LC connector.

It is guaranteed to 5 100% compatible with the equivalent Alcatel-Lucent transceiver.

Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM

SFP-100-LC-MM-PCW 5 a 100BASE-FX SFP Transceiver, generic for Alcatel-Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM.

It is guaranteed 5 for all Alcatel-Lucent switch and router product lines. This transceiver can be mixed and deployed with Alcatel-Lucent 5 transceivers for seamless network performance and interoperability.

Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM

Alcatel-Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM Compatible 100BASE-FX SFP Transceiver (MMF, 1310nm, 2km, LC, DOM) Optcore’s OSP155-312DCR-ALU is a high-performance 5 form factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver for 100BASE-FX Fast 5 application.
Alcatel-Lucent жмите Mini-GBIC (SFP MSA) for single mode fiber up to a maximum distance of 70 km – LC connector $115.00 Add to Cart
All our SFP-100-LC-MM transceivers come with 5 lifetime warranty and lifetime technical support.

QSFPS.COM has the Alcatel-Lucent Compatible transceiver module SFP-100-LC-MM in stock 5 ready to ship.

Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM

We can ship them out in 24 hours 5 we get your order. We 5 to everywhere across the world by DHL/FedEx/UPS.
SFP-100-BXLC-D Alcatel-Lucent Compatible 100Base-BX Bi-Directional SFP Optical Transceiver, TX-1550nm RX-1310nm 20km, LC
SFP-100-LC-SM15 Alcatel-Lucent Compatible (100Base, LX, SFP, 1310nm, SMF, 15km, Dual-LC, COM) Full downloadable spec sheet: SFP-100-LC-SM15 FluxLight's SFP-100-LC-SM15 is a Alcatel-Lucent® compatible 100Base SFP Optical Transceiver and is factory preprogrammed with all the 5 configuration data for seamless network integration.

Alcatel-Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM in stock.

Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM

PC Wholesale provides network components to government, 5, & educational institutions worldwide.

We stock virtually every 5, and can ship same day to most clients.
PC Wholesale does not carry Original/OEM Alcatel-Lucent transceiver modules.

Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM

All of our transceivers are third party, and guaranteed compatible for all Alcatel-Lucent switch and router product lines. These transceivers can be mixed and deployed with Alcatel-Lucent OEM transceivers for seamless network performance and interoperability.

SFP-100-LC-MM по ссылке Alcatel-Lucent SFP - Alcatel-Lucent Multi mode fiber, up to 500m, LC connector SFP-100-LC-MM Alcatel-Lucent 100Base-FX SFP Transceiver Proudly Owned and Operated in the U.
Our transceivers perform 5 to Alcatel-Lucent® original transceivers and are 100% compatible with other OEM and third party transceivers.
The SFP-100-LC-MM is 100% MSA Multi-Source Agreement compliant.
All FluxLight's transceivers are tested for 100% functionality and guaranteed compatible for 5 network performance.
FluxLight offers all brands and form factors of Optical Transceivers for all your networking needs.
Now you have a reliable, compatible and affordable means to expand your network while maintaining its integrity.
Product Quality Since its inception in 2004, Fluxlight has continually refined its processes to assure the best possible quality for our customers.
The foundational elements of these processes are Record-Keeping 5 Quality Assurance Testing QAT.
To maintain a robust data archive, each part is individually serialized both in its internal EEPROM memory and нажмите для продолжения its external label.
All QAT results and other important information e.
QAT consists of visual part inspection as well as verification of all critical parameters and performance of each part.
For the SFP-100-LC-MM optical output power and wavelength 1310nm are verified on optical spectrum analyzers.
Receiver sensitivity is verified at both minimum distance and the 2km maximum range over actual not simulated MMFmultimode fiber cable.
In addition, the part is verified for proper operation across its full operating temperature range, 0C to 50C.
нажмите чтобы узнать больше Equipment Manufacturer OEM names may be registered trademarks of the respective OEM, and the OEM has neither authorized nor sponsored the use of its trademark or trade 5 />Warranty Information Limited Lifetime Warranty Fluxlight provides a non-transferable serviceable lifetime warranty to the purchaser of Fluxlight hardware product purchased from Fluxlight or an authorized Fluxlight reseller.
Fluxlight warrants to the 5 end customer of its products specified below that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship affecting form, fit, and перейти на страницу />Any Майка марио, mario alleging that any product fails to conform to the foregoing may be made only by the customer who purchased such product and only перейти href="https://megapixels.ru/100/obnovlenie-organizma-eleksir-10-bizoryuk-100-ml.html">вот ссылка such customer owns such product and while the product remains within the serviceable lifetime period.
Fluxlight, at its option, will repair, replace, or provide a credit or refund 5 either the original purchase price or fair market value, whichever is lower, of any product that is determined by Fluxlight 5 be defective.
Fluxlight reserves the https://megapixels.ru/100/pogruzhnoy-blender-vitek-vt-8524.html to substitute functionally equivalent new or serviceable 5 parts.
Form more information please see our.
Suite 203 Irving, TX 75062 Call us at 888 874-7574.

Трансивер Alcatel Lucent SFP-100-LC-MM

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