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Штатив Induro A413

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Штатив Induro A413

напольный трипод;максимальная высота 185.4 см;встроенный уровень;нагрузка до 12 кг;вес: 3.6 кг


BEST Carbon Fiber Tripod?! - BH PHOTO - Gitzo

Featuring a grooved and reversible center column, this Induro tripod eliminates unwanted column rotation and makes low angle very convenient.


Positioning the Induro AT313 tripod on plain uneven surfaces is a breeze, thanks to its adjustable leg angles with lock.
For one thing, the entire OPG staff is made up of experienced, passionate photographers.

This means that the gear we посмотреть еще, from the latest Induro tripods to that Induro tripod head that saw a few back, is always vetted by a group of enthusiasts who know what you’re looking for.

Induro CT213 Carbon Fiber 8X CT-Series 3 Section Tripod, Extends to 64.2", Supports 26.4 lbs.

Vincent Versace - A Walk Through Induro's CT314 Carbon Fiber Tripod

The Induro CT213 Carbon Fiber 8X CT-Series 3 Section Tripod features a wide cross-braced magnesium alloy spider, ultra-light 8X layer Carbon Fiber legs, oversized center column lock and enhanced leg angle locks all contribute to a tripod up to 35% greater stability, rigidity and higher.

Sturdy and reliable, this CLT404L Classic Series 4 Stealth Fiber Tripod from Induro is designed to https://megapixels.ru/shtativ/zashitnaya-bronya-dlya-honor-10-glyantsevaya-zashita-zadney-paneli.html in a wide range of situations and environments.

Tripods, Monopods, and Heads for Photo and Video - Induro

It has a load capacity of 55.1 lb for holding your gear safely along with carbon fiber legs and a magnesium alloy spider for portability and strength while keeping weight down to 5.8 lb.

The Induro AT313 Alloy 8M AT-Series 3-Section Tripod offers uncompromising quality, strength durability. A wide stance cross-braced magnesium alloy spider, super-high precision Aluminum Alloy legs, oversized center column lock and enhanced leg angle locks all contribute to a tripod with up to 35% stability, rigidity and higher.

Induro Carbon CT Series 8X Tripods

Induro Tripods, Monopods, Heads, and Accessories designed for the performance of today’s demanding professionals.
Sturdy and reliable, this CLT403 Classic Series 4 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod from Induro is designed to work in a wide range of situations and environments.

It has a capacity of 55.1 lb for holding your gear safely along with carbon fiber legs and a magnesium spider for portability and strength while weight down to 5.3 lb.
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Induro CT-213 8X Carbon Tripod 3 64-Inch Max 26lb Load at Amazon.com.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Tripods, Monopods, and Heads for Photo and Video - Induro

Just acquired a Nikon D810 and looking for a solid tripod. I am leaning toward this Induro AT- 413 with a BHD3 ballhead. Used mostly for macro at home, w/105 and in the future a long something in the 400mm to 500mm range.
Induro has brought the professional ballhead to a new level.

The new BHD3 dual-action ballhead offers increased load capacities, large ergonomic locking knobs, adjustable and tension control, independent panning control and much more.

Induro AT313 Tripod for sale online | eBay

To provide maximum strength and lighter weight, the BHD3 ballhead is made of precision-machined Magnesium. Introduction For many photographers upgrading their gear and looking to take their photography up a notch, the tripod can be the most overlooked piece of equipment.
After buying a camera body, a couple of lenses, and a flash, one may have little left over in the budget for a quality tripod.
Nevertheless, a quality tripod is not just a luxury.
It's an essential piece of gear and needs to be considered as a key part of your nature photography gear budget.
If you have thousands of dollars in equipment sitting on top of a tripod that's really not sturdy or isn't comfortable and efficient to use, what have you gained by saving a bit of money?
As someone who has owned a number of tripods over the years, I can tell you honestly that your best strategy is to ссылка на подробности a tripod that you think will serve you well for at least a decade.
If something new with the latest greatest comes out in the interim, sell your tripod and go for it.
But if you consider the lenses you're likely to purchase over the next 10 years or so and choose a tripod accordingly, you'll be set.
For me, this is where Induro came in.
I had seen their tripods for the past few years and been intrigued.
As the quality of Induro products and the prices of Gitzo tripods, the popular wisdom gold standard continued to increase, Induro became even more attractive as a high quality but lower cost tripod alternative.
After deciding it was time to upgrade my tripod and to add a small ballhead to my bag for landscape and macro work, I had decided on Induro.
I was lucky enough to land a sponsorship with Induro for my coffee table book project, and after talking with one of their tech reps, we decided that I should go with the two products reviewed here -- the and the.
That's full disclosure смотрите подробнее you :- As the review below shows though, I can state objectively that I've been very happy with my new tripod and ballhead.
A Brief Business Interlude As always, if you enjoy this review and the Deep Green site in general, please consider making your next gear purchase through the affiliate links in the text of this review or at the bottom of this page.
You pay exactly the same, and I make a little commission to keep things running.
To learn more, click the "support the site" link above.
If I don't like something, you can be sure I'll note that in the review.
I'd like to thank Induro for sponsoring my coffee table book project by supplying me with the and.
That said, the source of the equipment has no bearing on the content or tone of this review.
The pictures in this review were taken by my son and budding photographer, Chris Basco.
Chris used window light in our house and the equipment below to take the review pictures and then processed them using Lightroom 4.
Thanks, Chris, the pics look great!
Pictured of course are the following Induro products: My son Josh, who has a great eye for photo and video, shot the video for me.
Josh used the following equipment: The Induro CT 313 Tripod - General Impressions The is the only tripod I've been using since January of this year, and I've been using the for all of my photography in the same period save for some birds and wildlife where I use the review to come with the 300 mm f2.
I've subjected the tripod to plenty of mud as well as sand and saltwater, and it's performed flawlessly so far.
I chose the over one of the 4 series tripods because my biggest lens is a 300 mm f2.
I would be fully confident using this tripod with a larger 500 mm or 600 mm when needed but if I owned and regularly shot one of these lenses, I would be looking at the.
The other option I considered was the Indurowhich is very similar to the but has 4 leg sections.
Since I don't internationally very often with my gear the shorter folded profile 24.
I figured that 3 leg sections might be just a bit more stable than 4 leg sections, so I went with the.
Whether that assumption is true or not, I can't say.
In all likelihood, there is very little differnce between the 3 leg-section and 4 leg-section models.
So, though I've gone with thehere are my thoughts on the other two tripods from Induro that are worthy considerations for nature photographers.
If you don't see yourself buying a 500 mm or 600 mm lens and travel regularly by plane with your gear then the would be a great choice.
If you currently have or see yourself buying a 500 mm or 600 mm lens, you'll want to go with the.
The tripod is well-built, very light, and comfortable and efficient to use in the field.
Setup and takedown is quick and as is disassembly for cleaning I took everything apart and washed the parts off in the shower of my beachfront hotel room a couple of months ago after a session photographing bioluminescent algae and subjecting the tripod to plenty of immersion in saltwater.
The built-in padding on the legs makes carrying the tripod comfortable, even on long hikes.
I don't plan on using any other tripod for a long long time!
The center column has a grooved channel on one side to продолжить чтение that the column does not twist or rotate.
The column adjustment ring is beefy and easy to use.
The padded upper leg sections do make a difference when carrying the tripod over the shoulder -- nice that they included these!
I've never been a fan of twist leg locks but these are easy to use -- a flick of the wrist one way to loosen and the other way to tighten!
The detachable rubber feet.
I see a lot of Gitzo https://megapixels.ru/shtativ/shtativ-vanguard-alta-263at.html on my tours, and we always find at least one missing Gitzo foot on a trip.
I've not had any issues with the Induro feet yet.
A closer view of the accessory loop.
I actually clip a pouch on mine when I'm out in the field.
You never want to be caught without rain protection for your https://megapixels.ru/shtativ/kolba-1-kartridzhkronshklyuch-raifil.html and lens in Costa Rica, and this is really handy!
The Induro CT 313 Tripod - Two Minor Complaints There are only two minor complaints I have about the tripod -- the center column and, even читать статью it's a really nice inclusion, the tripod bag.
The Long Center Column I hear many photographers complain about center columns здесь they allegedly compromise stability.
I've talked with a number of photographer friends including some who know a lot about tripods and review and sell them and the consensus seems to be that this is a silly argument.
As long as you don't https://megapixels.ru/shtativ/shtativ-induro-ct114.html the center column while shooting with a telephoto lens, you'll be fine.читать a center column because it can be a quick way to adjust height if doing landscape or macro work перейти на страницу using a cable release which I always do or the camera's timer function.
What I don't like about the Induro's center column, however, is the fact that it's only one length.
So, if you want to get low to take advantage of the 90 degree angle leg spread, the center column will be getting in the way.
You can reverse the center column so that it hangs upside down but then your camera is mounted upside down too.
So, reversible locking center column is certainly a feature, but I don't think it's one that many of us will choose to use.
Many Manfrotto tripods have a detachable center column you can easily screw off the main part of the center column, leaving just the mounting base, which is great for low angle work.
It may compromise stability a bit but I think the extra flexibility is well worth it.
After all, when you're raising the excellent Брелоки Брелок именной из дерева с розовым кварцем Алина, 78*44мм.

have column, you shouldn't be using a big lens or working in windy conditions anyway so any extra stability gained by having a one-piece center column is not a big deal in my opinion.
There is a solution -- the.
This relatively inexpensive item replaces the standard center column that comes with your Induro tripod and allow you to ссылка на продолжение super low angle work.
I'll be picking one up soon.
As you can see, the length of the center column will not allow for utilizing the full leg spread if going for a low angle shot.
The Not Quite Wildlife Photographer-friendly Carrying Bag I really feel quite bad complaining about the tripod bag; most tripods don't come with a carrying case at all, and Induro includes a very very nice one.
The only issue I have with it is that it's not quite big enough to accommodate a gimbal type head.
This isn't a big deal, as for my style of shooting and increasing interest in wider fields of view, I use my ballhead больше информации than I use страница gimbal head.
The included tripod bag works beautifully for https://megapixels.ru/shtativ/shtativ-leofoto-lt-324db-46-1.html the legs with the BHL2 ballhead attached.
Nonetheless, if you do most of your shooting with a long lens, having a bag that would fit your tripod legs with your gimbal head attached would be very handy.
The at the NatureScapes store will likely fit the bill if you find yourself in this situation.
The Induro BHL 2 Ballhead I previously used the Really Right Stuff BH-55 ballhead with a.
When gearing up for my coffee table book project toward the end of 2011, I was taking a good look at my equipment and where I could improve things to maximize my image quality and cut weight for the long hikes the project sometimes entails.
One obvious place for improving image quality was with the for my telephoto work.
While I think the is a very nice product, and I enjoyed the flexibility of popping off and having a ballhead ready to go, I became convinced that having all of the weight of a telephoto lens hanging off a side-mounted gizmo could not possibly be as stable as working with gravity and having the weight rest on a flat horizontal surface.
To be honest, I never fully trusted the interesting.

Штатив Falcon Eyes HT-1825 for arrangement same goes for the Mongoose.
So, I sold the Sidekick and bought thewhich I'm loving.
When one has a dedicated head for telephoto, one needs a ballhead for all of the rest.
The Really Right Stuff head is a great piece of equipment; I have no complaints about it at all.
Since I wanted to shave some weight on the ballhead front, I could have gone for one of Really Right Stuff's smaller offerings but I actually am not crazy about the next size down, the BH-40.
So, I decided to go with Induro for both the ballhead and tripod.
After talking with an Induro tech rep, I decided on the from their new line.
I couldn't be happier with the performance of this head and its small form factor and light weight.
It performs well with all of my cameras and lenses I even used it with the 300 mm f2.
The controls are well thought out, the head tightens well, and I quite like the integrated tension knob in the main control.
This last feature eliminates one of the three knobs on most ballheads, making it easier to quickly find читать статью main and panning knobs.
After nearly half a year of use, I can honestly say that I have no complaints about the.
At a weight of just 1.
I plan on this being my ballhead for Gitzo GK2500LVLQR foreseeable future without question.
Below are a number of pictures that show off the features of the Induro.
The bubble level right in the ballhead's quick release Штатив Weifeng WT0152 is nice.
Note that there's a bubble level on the tripod itself so if you get that level and then level the head, you're set for most panos.
That silver knob inset in the main control knob controls the have Штатив HAMA Omega Premium I (04260) your />I've found it quite easy to use.
The quick release slot has a nice safety feature.
To loosen quick release clamp, you turn the knob to loosen but then have to pull the knob away from the clamp to continue with the last couple of turns.
This makes it hard to accidentally loosen the quick release clamp and knock your camera off.
I hope you've enjoyed this review.
Please feel free to shoot me a comment below if you have any questions at all about this Induro gear!
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